Dog behaviour problems?

We have the solution. Learn how to eliminate barking, aggression, anxiety, jumping up, chewing and more! Get fast, effective results for you and your dog.

Common problems

Dog Behaviour Solutions can help you with:

  • barking

  • whining

  • chewing and digging

  • over-stimulation

  • anxiety

  • fear

  • aggression

With Sydney's dog psychology specialist you will get success in transforming your dogs behaviour problems.

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"Elliot has done wonders with Buddy, within 2 hours we could see the difference in his behaviour."







Obedience training hasn't worked?

Elliot Mason, your dog behaviourist and people trainer, will show you how to deal with the cause of the behaviour problem, quickly and effectively.

Elliot's steps to success

Elliot will:

  • determine the causes of the negative behaviour

  • help you and your dog understand how to communicate with each other

  • give you the skills to create a relaxed and calming environment and relationship between you and your dog.

 Elliot Mason - Dog Behaviourist with Asha on set shooting a commercial..

Elliot Mason - Dog Behaviourist with Asha on set shooting a commercial..

"Elliot gave us time over the phone and was able to answer and explain all of our queries"




Walk your dog with confidence!

In just one session you'll learn how to:

  • walk your dog calmly on lead

  • stop your dog from barking

  • help your dog to socialise calmly

You'll be able to handle any problem situation, feeling confident that you and your dog can enjoy the time you spend walking together, free of hassles.

Not sure we can help? The best thing to do is to give Elliot a call on 0475 427 070. In one phone conversation he can start to give you the reassurance you need.


“I took them for a walk with loose leads for the first time ever!”