dog aggression private training in Sydney

Dog aggression can be a serious problem for many people and some may find themselves in a position where taking there dog for a simple walk is a veritable nightmare.

If you find yourself in this position and feel that your dog simply cannot be around other dogs (or humans) without an over reaction then the dog aggression program is definitely for you.

This dog aggression/reactivity rehabilitation program also applies to dogs that are reactive to humans and is suitable for anyone who has received a notice of intention to declare their dog menacing or dangerous by their local council

The principal difference between this program and the regular dog behaviour solutions modification session is that both you and your dog will benefit from ongoing practical hands on support in the form of behaviour management and gradual desensitisation.

This is done using non confrontational and slow change over a period of weeks to ensure the best results by maintaining a positive relationship with the dog and guiding them through a series of growing challenges which safely involve other dogs.

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