In home dog behaviour and training

Training your dog in your own home has huge advantages over taking the dog to a park for example or even sending them away to be trained at a facility. But what exactly does this mean? Well quite simply it is exactly how it sounds. The reason I am able to successfully help change problematic behaviours like barking, jumping up, pulling on lead and aggression in dogs is in large part due to the approach whereby the humans are trained in their own homes to effectively change or adjust their own behaviours which may be contributing to those in their dogs. From the dogs perspective, the home environment is where they spend the largest proportion of their lives and it is there the most effective contribution to change will occur because of this.

Of course, dogs are unable to make judgements on their own behaviours, or correct themselves and all of those things we consider to be negative are simply the result of cause and effect, action and reaction, conditioning and response. This is why even though the focus is on the dogs own behaviour, the human is ultimately the one who can make the changes and get success.

Why choose Dog behaviour solutions?

Because it works! Thousands of desperate owners have come to Elliot for help, often after seeing many dog trainers, behaviourists and vet specialists and after spending thousands of dollars on ineffective obedience or behaviour training. With Dog Behaviour Solutions you will get results! Just check out our success stories section for testimonials from happy clients.