Dog health and humans

Many people believe that dogs are a great primary resource of love, as they are a great party of lasting friendships and they reciprocate love to humans more than they do with themselves. What could be better than an emotional attachment to our dogs? However, science says there could actually be more than just mere emotions. Did you know that dogs can improve our health too?


Other than getting a good amount of exercise from walking our dogs and playing with them, they can also help us maintain healthy living in many ways than you could imagine. New studies suggest that these canine friends do not only help us to de-stress, but also aid us in our overall well-being. How? They harbor living micro-organisms called microbiomes which function positively in many ways. As researchers continue to discover more and more connections with dog to human relationships, we uncover the truth that ties humans and dogs altogether. At the end of the day, it’s all about our health and our dog’s.


So how do the microbiomes do it?


Find out how. Check this infographic out and learn how science contributes to living a healthy life and loving our dogs at the same time.

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How Dogs Improve Your Health