Over the Christmas and New years period I will be away for just over a week but can still respond to emails etc. Stay safe and be kind to each other and remember, while a dog is a wonderful thing to have in our lives, it is not a gift to be given to others in haste. It is a responsibility for life! 

PUPPY PRESCHOOL - Fun, Interesting, Informative..... and often a terrible idea.

While getting a new puppy can be a wonderful and exciting time, choosing how to train the pup can be daunting. The biggest issue with most puppy preschools is that the focus is on stimulating the pup, something most owners would disagree is the last thing they need, in addition to teaching the pup how to use physical body movements (sit, stay etc) to indicate/demand a response from the human (food, interaction etc). The risk here is that we end up with a pup who is not only demanding but also highly stimulated which often results in barking, digging, chewing, marking, nipping and so on.


It is our belief that every dog and their family deserve to get the best possible start in there life journey together and we aim to offer exactly that. By providing education and understanding in a fun filled way, we go a long way towards ensuring that each family understands their dogs needs by making sense of the way they communicate to us and each other.

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