Emily S says: After noticing a few behavioural problems with our 1.5 yr old German Shepard & 14 week old Bullmastiff we started looking for some help. After contacting a few other "dog trainers" we came across the Elliot, who gave us time over the phone & was able to answer and explain all of our queries (I was not rushed off the phone - unlike other dog trainers that kept answering every question with "we will show you that when you come for the training") After speaking to Elliot we immediately felt confident that he was the best person to help us with our beautiful dogs. As soon as Elliot came into our backyard, he immediately identified what issues we were having with our dogs, Elliot spent a few hours with our family educating & demonstrating how to control the situations we were having problems with! After our session we feel confident & more relaxed - our German Shepard (who we learnt is anxious & feels that she needs to control everything & everyone) is already responding really well with what we have been taught & our bullmastiff didn't have any indigestion tonight- Thanks so much Elliot - we are going to be very proud owners of two well behaved dogs! Lulu & Zeus are excited for the follow up to show you their progress... 


I'm impressed

Jasmine F. says: I have two American staffys Cheese and Crackers. I've struggled with them almost all their lives dealing with pulling on the lead, rough play and separation anxiety. I only saw Elliot two days ago now and I'm already blown away with the difference I am seeing in my girls! I took them for a walk with loose leads for this first time ever! And they listen to me! It's crazy I never thought I'd be able to get control of them. Elliot was also professional, polite and very good at answering my questions in a way that I could understand.

Chevy & Dodge

Kristal F. says: These guys are amazing! We had a session with Elliott about our two staffies who were fighting after dinner. The way he works with animals and their owners is truely amazing. He tought us so much and we have seen a massive improvement already. I would absolutely recommend these guys to anyone who is having behavioural issues of any kind. We are so happy to have our little pack back and cannot thank Elliott enough for how he has helped us and our babies! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.

Magic before our eyes

Sarah K. says: My husband and I have two small rescue dogs whom we love dearly. Our little girl Hallie was a sweet beautiful dog when she was relaxed at home with us but as soon as there was a noise or a knock at the door she went into what we called "red light" zone and we couldn't get through to her. She was the same when we tried to walk her. She became crazed and aggressive if we came across another person and even other dogs. This affected our other dog Jackson and he became very anxious with no confidence. We could not believe it when Elliot arrived and had Hallie quiet within minutes. He was very assertive and explained to us how my husband and I need to set more boundaries and let the dogs know that we are in charge and that will make them more relaxed and happy. Hallie was like another dog on the lead as well and walked perfectly for me. Since our appointment two days ago, we have kept up the techniques that Elliot taught us and there is so much improvement. I know that Hallie and Jack will keep on getting better and live happier more relaxed lives and my husband and I are better owners for them becasue they deserve the best! Thank you so much Elliot. From Sarah and Steve


Calais - a work in progress

Janelle C. says: It's been almost 2 months since our appointment with Elliot. Calais is improving all the time. She walks so much better on the lead now-we still need the water bottle occasionally when other dogs fire her up but a huge improvement. She is much calmer and more relaxed too. She seems to be more responsive to correction and greets visitors in a calm, appropriate way now. (mostly!) We are all still working on the advice and strategies given to us by Elliot. Thank you again for your time, knowledge and advice. It's been great!



Lily H. says: Elliot has done an amazing job on Mollie our 1yr old Maltese who is aggressive and way too energetic. He has showed us tips on how to handle the situation and the reasons why our dog is behaving the way she was. It was amazing to find out how our dog really feels and why they react the way they are. Mollie has since then became more controllable and respectful. Thank you for all your work!




Amazing work!!!!'

Filipa F. says: Elliot came out to help deal with a problem foster. This poor boy was a wild "beast", anxious, destructive and very high on energy, which means we cannot rehome him, and even though he escaped unscathed from the pound, if we are not confident he is stable he can't be rehomed. Within 2 days living at our house this boy can account for more destruction and damage than any other foster dog we have had (he is our 18th foster dog). Elliot has done wonders with Buddy, within 2 hours we could see the difference in his behaviour, not jumping up on us anymore or nipping the children, his energy level has changed he is still more active than my 2 dogs but the wild beast look in his face has gone, he knows how to enjoy pats and cuddles without wriggling around like an upside down cockroach, the nipping is gone and so is the jumping. I ventured with him for a walk today and he was exemplary. Thank you Elliot!!!!! You just helped save Buddy's life


Judith F. says: We have a 18mth old Bosten Terrier X Mini Foxy (Marla) and an 18mth old Cocker Spaniel (Rocky). Both dogs were originally living in seperate homes, when my daughter moved back to the family home with Marla (Boston X) there was absolute terror in the home.. They were both battling for "Aplha" dog position we now know thanks to Elliott ... Our lounges were constantly ripped apart and insistant rough play and barking from both dogs. Elliott walked into our home and both dogs did what they know best, bark and jump. Within SECONDS Elliott had Rocky quiet and sitting. Marla was a bit harder to control but within a short time later she was just sitting next to him. Elliott gave myself and my family a complete understanding of how both Rocky and Marla see us and how much disrepect they had prior to Elliott coming. What he explained really is just common sense but with us being humans we just interpret what our dogs are trying to say the wrong way... Jumping on us really isnt "Yay your home" it is "Yes I own you"... My daughter has been taking Marla to Dog Obedience training in the city prior to moving home. 12 weeks of 30min sessions did not help Marla at all. Elliott was able to show her how to walk Marla with calmness and success... It has only been 2x days since Elliott was at our home, but both Rocky and Marla are improving every day and of course we as a family are making sure everything Elliott showed and explained to us is being adhered too. We are really looking forward to the near future but in the meantime we are enjoying our beautiful babies every minute of the day. Being able to leave the house without the fear of another lounge being ripped apart makes life for us so much calmer and positive. I would HIGHLY recommend Elliott to anyone to whom has a large or even small problem with their dogs. As he said, the smallest behaviour can be a sign for a larger problem. We are all so greatful for the experience and could not be happier with our babies and our new found knowledge of the Dog Psyche. Thank you Elliott!!!!! I have already recommended you to my friend and collegues. I'm sure they will be in contact soon!!! :)



Kerry F. says: The moment Elliot enters our house, our doberman Mika is like a completely different dog. She is calm and submissive the whole time, not even a single bark. The minute Elliot left the house, she immediately goes back to her own self, running around the house barking, it's like a switch that has been switch back on lol. However we immediately take action based on what Elliot taught us and manage to get it under control. It has only been one day since Elliot came, and we can see dramatic improvements on the jumping and barking, she is much more calmer today and so are we. Even though she still tries to go infront of us on walks, but its getting much better as she no longer goes zig zag infront of us, we manage to make her walk next to us most of the time. I think we just need to keep this up and I'm sure that she will be a perfect little girl in no time! Thanks so much again for coming!



Lisa W. says: We were having some trouble with our 5yr old Spoodle who wasn't very 'dog friendly' or 'balanced' and we wanted to introduce a new dog to our family. Before doing that, we were knew Milo needed help and we so decided to get some professional help. Elliot was so amazing, he showed us all the things we were doing right and wrong and basically interpreted behaviours - both ours and our dogs, and he did it in the most gentle and non-judgemental way. We have dealt with several other dog trainers in the past, and some of them were so rude and condescending I never wanted to talk to them again. But Elliot was lovely. He took the time to explain so many things. Milos anxiety issues were not resolved in the one session, but we saw an immediate change in some of his behaviours. We then had a second session as he assisted the introduction of the new dog. Again, Elliot spent several hours making sure the introduction was safe and controlled, and with in 12 hours both dogs were completely calm around each other. 4 days on and they are now best friends. I honestly don't think we could have had that result without Elliot and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you SO MUCH Elliot, you are the best!!!!!

Ben R. says: Hi Elliot, I cannot thank you enough for your help and service with my two dogs, Council have advised they will not declare the dogs dangerous. Im truly grateful for the manner in which you conducted yourself and assisted at my home and with respect to the report. The dogs have been so well behaved and our relationship with them is stronger after all the techniques you showed us. Thank you so much for everything.



Just what we needed.

Christy N. says: we adore our recently adopted family dog, but were having little luck with discouraging her excessive barking and agitation when visitors came to the door. elliot was so knowledgeable, and really helped us to understand the underlying issues behind this kind of behaviour, and to advise us on how to change it. we're still going through the training processes he recommended, but have seen major, immediate improvements! and we now know what to do, which makes us all feel much more confident and in charge again. we can go back to enjoying life with our dog, rather than getting stressed out about the next person to arrive at the door. So grateful for your help, and for all the additional information about looking after our dog well, so valuable!


A relieved dog owner!

Michelle B. says: Elliot worked wonders with my two dogs. He has helped me to implement some new strategies, which the dogs picked up straight away. Elliot explained the reasons why my dogs are behaving in certain ways and how I can correct them. He provided me with useful information as to how I can better read what my dogs are communicating to me and how I can effectively communicate with my dogs through confident and calm body language. I am so pleased I found this website and booked an appointment with Elliot! Thank you!


Terrible two-some

Joelle P. says: When Elliot came to our house our two foster dogs showed their form by barking and growling but Elliot soon had them quiet. I found the training excellent: his techniques are very practical and easy to understand. How Elliot explains it all in dog psychology terms is enlightening and you can begin to understand their reactions to your own behaviours. As both of the dogs were dumped their histories are unknown but they are already showing, only a few days later, how much more relaxed they can be and are even eating better. I'm sure within a few weeks they will be calm and make great companions for anyone.

A happier Barker household (no pun!)

Jodi B. says: When our big dog Boris (25kg Cattle x Staffie) attacked our little dog Archie (15kg Cattle x), who required a day at the vet, I knew we needed help. I was totally traumatised by what had happened and I was looking for someone who could help us with Boris' aggression, as i was sure he was the problem. I went to my old friend Google to see what i could find. At first, i was drawn to SABS, mainly because they appeared through the RSPCA, which is where both Boris & Archie are adopted from. But when i read that i would have to take the dogs to Seaforth (I live in the Sutherland Shire) i didn't see the point. How will they see what Boris and Archie are like together at home? I needed someone to come to our home and to see Boris and Archie in their habitat, especially in relation to me, as i was sure in my heart, it was my interactions with them that somehow triggered this aggression in Boris After a bit more online research, i decided on Dog Behaviour Solutions. This sounded exactly like the help we needed. I was so pleased that they had an appointment available that Friday so i booked in and anxiously counted down until friday. From the moment  Elliott knocked on our door and saw Boris and Archie's reactions, they had the problem pegged. Our problem wasn't aggression in Boris, it was anxiety in Archie! I was stunned! After giving me an insight into how Archie's mind was working and how this affected Boris, I am better able to understand both Boris and Archie as dogs. The exercises and training are really working. Already we can see results in Archie and in turn Boris. "It requires commitment and is long term to resolve Archie's anxiety". Seeing change for the better in both dogs so immediately keeps me motivated and also eases my own fears. I'm now applying what we've been taught to both Boris and Archie, who seem to have settled into a more relaxed existence with each other. Having seriously thought I would have to give up one of the dogs because I couldn't stand the idea of them attacking each other, I can't praise enough. Thank you for not only teaching me how to understand my dogs and make them happier, but also how to be a better dog owner.


A  little goes a long way

Deb P. says: We had Elliot come and spend time with us and our 7 month old cattle dog x, Yuki. We were living in a mad house at the time with Yuki and our cats not getting along at all. Elliot first got us to gain a better understanding of some of Yuki's other behaviours including jumping on us and how she was walking us! Getting Yuki to respect us has gone a long way in reducing stress levels in the house. Whilst we are still training on many of the techniques Elliot shared, the changes so far are already significant and we feel it won't before all furry mates and mums in tow will be living in harmony! Highly recommended.