The link above shows the incredible way dogs read each others body language before and during play. It is a great example of some instinctive and learned reactions.

The Dog Story is a great introduction to how cognitive behaviour therapy works and while this specific video is about people it is still very relatable and the general ideas remain the same for dogs.


Dog behaviour videos covering a variety of common problems including barking, digging, chewing, pulling on lead, jumping up, anxiety, fear and aggression will soon be available on our website and YouTube channel.

This video highlights how dogs control each other and their environment in a simple, natural and instinctive way. Despite the video title it’s a really interesting display of natural behaviours particularly instinctive reactions connected to hormonal drives and the resulting subtle interactions between the dogs seeking control to position themselves near the female

Below is a basic overview of some reasons Why dogs bark and ways of utilising body language as a method of teaching them to understand it is not necessary for them.

Some subtle differences between traditional forms of dog obedience training and Cognitive behaviour therapy or behaviour modification.

This Maltese terrier was experiencing reactive and territorial aggression to humans and this short video was taken not long after had attempted to attack me. we achieved a calm relaxed state without force or bribery. Simply guiding the dog away using body language was effective with appropriate timing and sensitivity.

This toy poodle was highly reactive to it’s new room mate and this interaction came shortly after a reasonably serious attack. In this short video the pit bull is being asked to not be stimulated by the other dog and relax.